Instructions for Oral Presenters VIRTUAL

Instructions for Oral Presenters VIRTUAL



Format: Your presentation should be prepared in .PPT or .PPTX format.
Ratio: Aspect ratio of your presentation should be 16:9

Read tips and recommendations for preparing your presentation.

Conflicts of Interest Disclosure

In compliance with CME/CPD requirements all speakers and oral presenters have to complete a conflict of interest form. Please include the title slide with your name and title of your lecture at the start of your presentation, followed by the Conflict of Interest disclosure slide. There is no template for this. You can simply list the conflicts on our second slide or write “No Disclosures”.

Publication Consent Form

You will receive login details to access and complete a Publication Consent Form in due course – it is MANDATORY to complete this consent form if you would like to participate as a speaker/presenter/moderator in this congress. Please complete this prior to your recording.
Please note that your presentation will be accessible from the virtual platform during and 3 months after the congress, to all participants of the Online Congress.


Deadline to pre-record lectures: TBA

Presenters will receive an email with information and the link to book a recording slot in due course.

Please read the step-by-step instructions on preparing the pre-recording you received. 

  1. Read the Technical guidelines before starting.
  2. Book Your Recording Sessionvia the link you received in the instructions email and add it to your Calendar.
  3. Finalise Your Presentation

Attend the Recording Session