Travel Safe

Travel Safe

Information about the measures for Covid-19 in Barcelona.


The EU Digital COVID certificate is operational. In Spain, the entrance of passengers from EU countries (or zones) with risk is allowed if one of the following is presented:

  • Vaccination certificate
  • Diagnosis certificate
  • Recovery certificate

The rest of EU passengers are accepted without any certificate.

On the other hand, passengers travelling from intercontinental countries considered as “no risk countries” are also accepted as long as they present a vaccination certificate.

Please note that from July 02 passengers coming from the UK have to show a vaccination or a diagnosis certificate. Meanwhile, the USA and Canada are on the list of intercontinental countries from which no certificates are required.

The entry measures for passengers coming from IndiaSouth Africa and Brazil are maintained.

Before you travel to Barcelona, we recommend you check the current restrictions and protocols required to enter Spain.

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To ensure the safety of all attendees the following guidelines have been set for the congress venue:


Personal shielding

  • Use of mask for employees and suppliers during the event.
  • Use of mask for organizers and attendees.
  • Increasing health personnel and isolation zone for delegates with symptoms compatible with COVID-19 until the arrival of health services.
  • Hand sanitizer gel dispensers in all accesses and strategic locations.


Venue hygiene

  • Air renewal monitoring.
  • Doors opened permanently in all possible cases.
  • Complete cleaning and disinfection prior to the event and right after the event.
  • Cleaning maintenance during the event.
  • Special waste treatment (masks and gloves).


Signage and communication

  • Visible signage on safety and hygiene measures in bathrooms, entrance access, etc.
  • Audio communication with reminders about the mandatory use of face mask, good hygiene practices and social distancing recommendations.