Protective Effects of Insulin and Incretins in AD/PD

Protective Effects of Insulin and Incretins in AD/PD

Tuesday, March 9, 2021
13:30 – 18:40
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Session Chair: Christian Hölscher




Lecture Title

13:30-13:40 Christian Hölscher China Welcome and Introduction
13:40-14:00 Suzanne Craft USA Intranasal insulin as a therapy for Alzheimer’s disease
14:00-14:20 Tom Foltynie UK Clinical trial of Bydureon (exenatide) in PD patients
14:20-14:40 Paul Edison UK Clinical trial of liraglutide in AD patients
14:40-15:00 Michele Tagliati USA Clinical trial of liraglutide in PD patients
15:00-15:20 Christian Hölscher (Moderator), Suzanne Craft, Tom Foltynie, Paul Edison and Michele Tagliati LIVE Discussion
15:20-15:40 Wassilios Meissner France Impaired brain insulin signaling in synucleinopathies: a translational study
15:40-16:00 Dimitrios Kapogiannis USA Insulin signaling biomarkers in blood exosomes of AD and PD patients
16:00-16:20 Konrad Talbot USA Direct demonstration of brain insulin resistance in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease dementia and its alleviation with incretin receptor agonists
16:20-16:40 William Banks USA Permeability of the blood-brain barrier to insulin and incretins
16:40-17:00 Fernanda G. De Felice (Moderator), Wassilios Meissner, Dimitrios Kapogiannis, Konrad Talbot and William Banks LIVE Discussion
17:00-17:20 Fernanda G. De Felice Brazil Defective hormonal signaling in Alzheimer’s disease
17:20-17:40 Nigel Greig USA GLP-1R agonists in traumatic brain injury
17:40-18:00 Ana Isabel Duarte Portugal The neuroprotective effects of insulin/IGF-1/GLP-1 signaling recovery in type 2 diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases
18:00-18:20 Christian Hölscher China Novel dual GLP-1/GIP receptor agonists and are superior to single receptor agonists in animal models of Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease
18:20-18:40 Paul Edison (Moderator), Fernanda G. De Felice, Nigel Greig, Ana Isabel Duarte and Christian Hölscher LIVE Discussion