AD/PD™ 2019, Lisbon - Support Categories & Benefits

Support Categories & Benefits

Supporters will be given a support category status dependent upon the total amount of your support. The total contribution will consist of items such as industry sessions, advertisements, and exhibition space. You can choose from educational, promotional and exhibition opportunities.  You will benefit from outstanding advantages linked to your support category.​
Benefits will be allocated to industry supporters based on the following table:​

Joint ​Mailshot for Symposium to list of registered participants 
(2-3 weeks before the Conference)

​Final list of participants (after the Conference),including name and country of participants who agree to share information

​Full Conference registrations5​3​2
​Number of Symposium posters permitted to be displayed in the venue (on the day of the session)



​Supporter’s logo (company logo
only, no product logos) on Conference website

​Supporter’s logo (company logo only, no product logos) in the Industry Section of the Program​ Book

​Acknowledgment on Supporters’
Board on-site and in the Mobile App of the Conference

Branded items will carry company logos only. No products logos or advertisements are permitted.


Tailored packages can be arranged to suit your objectives. Please feel free to contact Judit Gondor, Support and Exhibition Sales Department, to discuss your needs: